Horšianska dolina

The exceptional Horšianska Valley, cut into the Ipeľ Hills, is a state nature reserve with forest-steppe vegetation with a rich representation of insects, rare species of birds and reptiles, especially lizards. Its area is 313.38 ha. It is located in the cadastral areas of Levice / Horša /, Krškany, Žemberovce, Bátovce and Drženice. The area gives the impression of an extremely interesting geological layout and location with a deep aesthetic impression. The whole valley, up to 300 meters wide, bordered by steep slopes, is meandered by the Sikenica stream, with preserved dense riparian vegetation. The valley has a typical canyon-like character with a height fragmentation between the river floodplain and the surrounding surface of the Ipeľská pahorkatina 60 m. Distinctive rock walls up to 30 m high create rock towers and ribs emphasizing the small relief drawing. Volcanics are presented by andesites and andesite tuffs, which cover loess coverings. Much of the valley is forested. Common dogwood, felted oak, tartar maple, horse mackerel, European and warthog have a remarkable representation. The most rare are the remnants of the oak-hornbeam forest community with felted oak. Horšianska dolina is the largest reservation in the district, significant from a geomorphological and botanical point of view.

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Horšianska dolina


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